We are going to be closed from 5pm on Tuesday 24th March until further notice due to Stage 4 of the COVID-19 plan. 

If you have any serious concerns about your eyes such as:

  • Sudden onset of flashing lights
  • Sudden NEW floaters 
  • Pain in your eyes
  • Severe light sensitivity 
  • If you are a contact lens wearer and you develop redness, discharge or discomfort - STOP contact lens wear. If you have no improvement within a couple of days, please seek further attention.


AUCKLAND EYE are doing phone calls for any eye issues please go to their web site to clarify what they are able to do.

If you urgently need new contact lenses, please text your name and date of birth to 022-175-6490. We will do our best to get a copy of your prescription to you so you can purchase online. This requires us going to our business so please understand this will not happen instantly.

From the team at Howick Village Optometrists, be kind, stay safe and we will see you sometime soon.


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